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Lo! Low Carb Delights Ultra Low Carb Keto Atta

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Low Carb & Keto Friendly Atta – Just 4.8 gram Net Carbs per Roti. 55 % lower than Regular Atta!

KEEPS YOU IN KETOSIS - Tested using Blood and Urine Ketone meters by Keto Diet practitioners to show that you remain in Ketosis (Based on your overall daily carb intake).

Tastiest Low Carb and Keto Atta - Special No Soya formulation to make tasty Rotis and Parathas. No After taste or Smell. Makes tasty Low Carb Keto Breads. Used by 5-Star hotels and Restaurants.

Easy to make - No warm water, No resting time. Rolls and puffs up like regular Atta dough. Even your Cook can make it easily.

Nutritious - Made with Superfood Seeds. High on Fibre and Protein. No Maida in this Low Carb Flour.