vahdam vedic khada

Vahdam's Vedic Khada (15 TBS) - 120 Grams

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This tea is a pure Ayurvedic Ayush Kadha formulation of fresh root ginger powder, vana tulsi, vitamin C rich amla, curcumin rich turmeric, and black pepper. This herbal tea is made from 100% natural herbs and does not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients.

Aroma & Taste: Unlike other kadhas, Vahdam Vedic Kadha chai is non-bitter in taste while retaining the same medicinal properties. Addition of amla in the recipe makes this kadha a soothing tea also known as Ayush Kwath.

Vahdam Promise: No artificial tea ingredients + great taste

About Vahdam: Vahdam is a new age brand that brings a range of green, white, black, oolong, and herbal teas directly from tea estates to you so that the taste, flavor, and aroma of the tea are retained to its natural best.