medent mouthwash
Medent Mouthwash
Medent Mouthwash
Medent Mouthwash

Medent Mouthwash

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Experience superior oral hygiene with Medent Mouthwash, a premium formulation designed to provide comprehensive care for your teeth and gums. Crafted with a blend of effective ingredients, this mouthwash offers refreshing minty freshness while targeting common oral health issues.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Total Protection: Medent Mouthwash offers complete protection against plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria, ensuring optimal oral health. Its advanced formula reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline for thorough cleaning.

  • Germ-Fighting Action: Formulated with powerful antibacterial agents, Medent Mouthwash effectively eliminates germs and bacteria that cause bad breath and dental problems. Regular use helps maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

  • Soothing Relief: Experience instant relief from oral discomfort with Medent Mouthwash. Its soothing properties help alleviate gum irritation, inflammation, and sensitivity, promoting overall comfort and well-being.

  • Fresh Mint Flavor: Enjoy long-lasting freshness and minty flavor with every rinse. Medent Mouthwash leaves your mouth feeling clean, revitalized, and free from unpleasant odors.

  • Alcohol-Free Formula: Gentle on the gums and suitable for daily use, Medent Mouthwash is free from alcohol, ensuring a gentle yet effective oral care solution for the entire family.

Key Ingredients / Composition - Potassium Nitrate 3.0% w/w & Sodium Fluoride 0.2% w/w In Flavoured Liquid Base