mcp abdominal exercise ab fitness roller wheel equipment
MCP Abdominal Exercise Ab Fitness Roller Wheel Equipment with Knee Mat

MCP Abdominal Exercise Ab Fitness Roller Wheel Equipment with Knee Mat

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  • Slip-Resistant Foam Handles unlike others
  • Premium Mat for knees
  • A versatile and effective instrument, the exercise wheel work more than just your ABS – it trains your arms and legs as well, as you roll the wheel up and down. Get your whole body into shape
  • Wheel roller can be used to shred fat, help you to lose weight and shape your body. Also, it can help to stretch and exercise the muscles of your back and get you six pack ABS.
  • Portable and Easy to Assemble
  • Strengthens upper body muscles, trims your waistline, burns excess calories. Total body workout comfort at your home
  • Control the degree of workout by rolling closer or farther from your body. Dual wheel offers more stability, control and balance.
  • Strengthens and Tones ABS, Shoulders, Arms and Back with dual ab wheel.
  • Easy-Grip Wheels and two Non-Skid wheels for added Stability
  • The dual wheel ab roller requires minimal training to use. Start on hands and knees, grasp the handles, and roll the wheels forward and back across the floor. Keep your back and head in a straight line during the rolling movements
  • Easy-Grip Handles to Prevent Slippage
  • double wheel abs roller has revolutionized its design with rubber covered wheels for extra safety.