liveasy essentials women s diabetic orthopedic slippers

Liveasy Essentials Women's Diabetic & Orthopedic Slippers - Black - UK 5 / US 8

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It is estimated that only 20% of the population has ‘perfect feet’, which means there are no flaws in the structure of their feet. However, since the rest of the population has small flaws with their feet structure, minor to major feet problems often crop up. The problems are often compounded by incorrect posture. That is why anyone can give orthopaedic slippers a try because these are meant to bring absolute comfort and support to your feet.

LivEasy Essentials Women's Orthopaedic Slippers are specifically designed to mould around a woman’s feet, support her body weight, align the different parts of her sole, and improve mobility. These slippers provide support to the arches of the feet and can help counteract many foot related and other issues that are triggered by foot problems such as calf ache, lower back pain, etc. 

Moreover, LivEasy Essentials Women's Orthopaedic Slippers can help to increase blood circulation to the feet, and hence these slippers can be used by women diagnosed with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, ortho pain, arthritis, etc. The rubber soles grip the floor so that even if you are walking on a wet surface, you do not skid. The lightweight slippers are soft, cushiony, do not trigger blisters, and are pleasant to wear. They can safely be used by pregnant women as well. 

LivEasy Essentials Women's Orthopaedic Slippers are available in 6 sizes- 4,5,6,7,8 and 9.

Uses of LivEasy Essentials Women's Orthopaedic Slippers:

  • Supports the feet 
  • Can help with many feet problems
  • Can aid in increasing blood supply to the feet
  • Aligns the different segments of the feet for increased mobility