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Dr Ortho's Pain Relief Ayurvedic Medicine Oil - 120 ml

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Dr Ortho Pain Relief Ayurvedic Medicine Oil - 120ml is a mixture of eight extracts from ayurvedic herbs that effectively relieve pain in different body parts. The active components in Dr. Ortho Oil relax tense muscles and limbs that produce aches and pains in the body by stimulating blood circulation. In addition, this oil lowers oedema; it is also beneficial in treating severe joint pain.

It has linoleic acid, which is useful in treating joint and muscular pain as well as nerve pain. Omega 3-fatty acids, in particular, which rapidly and effectively alleviate inflammation in muscles and joints, are abundant in flaxseed oil. With its analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, peppermint oil is a useful tool for treating chronic pain. This oil, Vitex Negundo, is used to relieve aches, pains and neuralgia. The medication contains Gandhapura and Nirgundi, which are effective in easing joint and muscle pain.

Key ingredients

  • Eucalyptus Oil- 0.5%
  • Turpentine Oil- 1.0%
  • Camphor- 6%
  • Methyl Salicylate- 15%
  • Ratanjot Oil- 2.5%
  • Nutmeg Oil- 1%
  • Menthol- 10%
  • Clove Oil- 1%