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Dr. Morepen Iron & Zinc Tablets With Vitamin C & B12 | Immunity & Hemoglobin Booster - 60 Veg Tablets

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Boost your health with DR. MOREPEN Iron & Zinc Tablets! Formulated with Vitamin C and B12, these tablets support iron absorption and contribute to overall well-being. Essential for individuals with diabetes, this supplement aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and promoting optimal energy levels.

Iron & Haemoglobin is definitely a fuel to the body running in veins to keep us active & filled with energy. Therefore, adapting to an iron-rich lifestyle becomes a need of the hour. Though it might seem tough in our hectic schedule, but it isn’t impossible! Fortunately, Dr Morepen has got you covered with Iron & Zinc Tablets with the extra goodness of Vitamin C & B12 to keep you at your active best all day! It helps in maintaining an ideal HB & Iron level and even build immunity in the body. 

Dr. Morepen Iron Zinc tablets keep sufficient Iron reserve with Vitamin B12 & Iron, maintains HB level along with Zinc to supply oxygen to different parts of the body and keeps Immunity intact with ample Vitamin C & count of RBCs. It is most suitable for the people suffering from iron deficiency or anaemia. 

Get it today to get a hold over your Iron needs & live to the fullest. What are you waiting for?