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Dr Morepen's Blood Pressure Monitor - Model BP 14

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Choose Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor Model BP-14. It is an easy-to-use and precise blood pressure monitor featuring a two-user interface and 120 memories for every user. Moreover, it includes advanced features like a Low Battery Indicator, Averaging of the Last three Readings, and a Hypertension indicator.

In addition, you may more precisely monitor your health with the help of the sophisticated tracker provided by Dr. Morepen's BP Monitor. This system is ideal for home usage because of its peculiar interface, which allows two people to share its use. In addition to being battery-operated, which ensures portability, it differs from other monitors in that it is sensitive to hypertension and irregular heart rate. Given its low cost, the Dr. Morepen BP Machine is a wise purchase for anyone searching for a flexible blood pressure monitor.

Key Features

  • Ease of Use and Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring System
  • Two User Interfaces
  • 240 Memories with an Average of Three Readings
  • Hypertension Indication
  • The device displays the time and date.
  • keeps track of past readings