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Bell's Twister Board for Exercise Waist Twisting Disc with 8 Magnets,(Multi Color)

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Bell’s 8 Magnets Waist Twister Disc promotes blood circulation in the feet by massaging them. It has the following amazing features:

  • A magnetic disc massages and stimulates the meridian points on the bottom of the feet thus promoting good health.
  • This waist-twisting exercise disc is made of ABS pressure-resistance plastic, steel ball and magnets which makes it extremely durable.
  • With a diameter of 27 CM and thickness of 4.5 CM, it can bear a weight of up to 120 kgs.
  • The Bell’s Twister Board has auxiliary elastic rope stretching chords with handles. It twists and spins from side to side with a latex pull rope for better arm exercise. It balances and exercises the entire body.
  • It effectively burns calories and combines the benefits of reflexology with aerobic exercise. It greatly affects the shaping of your waist, abdomen, upper hips and legs.
  • This waist exercise disc comes with an aerobic exercise precision ball bearing for smooth, fluid and high impact motions.
  • A rotating platform provides a vigorous form of aerobic exercise regularly.

Thus, Bell’s Twister Board for Waist Exercise can be easily incorporated as part of your daily exercise routine to give you extremely fast results.