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BeatO Little Millet Noodles Diabetic Friendly Cholesterol Free - 150 g
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BeatO Little Millet Noodles Diabetic Friendly Cholesterol Free - 150 g

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Experience the goodness of little millet with the delicious taste of healthy instant noodles in BeatO Little Millet Noodles. Little millet is a nutritious and non-sticky grain that can be digested easily and is suitable for all age groups. It is packed with dietary fibre and resistant starch, whereas little millet helps control blood sugar levels and supports heart health.

These noodles offer a labour-saving and tasty way to enjoy the benefits of little millet. Besides being richin magnesium and essential nutrients, they are a great alternative to traditional noodles that promote overall well-being. Enjoy a quick, healthy meal that’s perfect for the whole family.

Key Ingredients:

  • Little Millet (29%): It is nutritious, non-sticky, and easily digestible.

  • Atta (68.7%): Whole wheat flour provides essential nutrients and fibre.

  • CMC (0.4%): It contains carboxymethyl cellulose, which is a safe thickening agent.

  • Guar gum (0.4%): It is a natural thickener that improves texture.

  • Topiaco Starch (1%): This starch adds smoothness to the noodles.

  • Calcium Propionate (0.1%): It’s a preservative that extends the shelf life of BeatO Little Millet Noodles.

  • Salt (0.4%): It comes with salt within it that enhances flavour and taste