beato curv strip 50 insol n tablets
BeatO Curv Strip 50 + Insol-N Tablets (100 tablets)
BeatO Curv Strip 50 + Insol-N Tablets (100 tablets)
BeatO Curv Strip 50 + Insol-N Tablets (100 tablets)

BeatO Curv Strip 50 + Insol-N Tablets (100 tablets)

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BeatO CURV - Blood Glucose 50 Test Strips (CURV Glucometer Strips)

BeatO CURV Glucometer Test Strips come with complete hygiene check and are packed in a small airtight box for protecting the strips from dust & bacteria. The strips are of premium quality; the sucking feature instantly sucks blood when the pricked finger is brought near the strip.

Key Features of BeatO CURV Strips:

  • Greater shelf life

  • Easy to handle

  • Very flexible

  • Tiny blood sample (0.6uL)

Recommended Storage Tip: Make sure to keep the strips away from direct sunlight or rain. Always keep them in a cool and dry area. The ideal temperature for storage is 0 – 50 Degree Celsius; do not freeze these strips.

With relatively longer shelf life, these sterile lancets can be stored for the maximum period.

Insol-N Tablets

Oral Ayurvedic Anti-Diabetic

  • INSOL-N Tablet creates a new dimension in the treatment of diabetes. Being a research product, INSOL-N is a combination of more than forty anti-diabetic herbs, six 'bhasmas', and Shilajith.

  • INSOL-N is the drug of choice in keeping the blood sugar at normal levels in 'Non-insulin-dependent diabetes'.

  • Also found useful in 'Insulin-dependent diabetes', as it reduces the daily requirement of insulin dosage.

  • Regenerates Beta cells of Islets of Langerhans of the pancreas which secrete body insulin.

  • Does not cause hypoglycemia. It enhances body resistance.

  • Reduces the chances of possible complications of diabetes like Diabetic Gangrene, Diabetic Neuropathy, Diabetic Retinopathy, and the vascular disease like Atherosclerosis.

  • Patients will see a difference in their blood sugar level within 3-4 weeks.

  • Creates a sense of well-being in patients and improves quality of life.

  • Reduces the lipid, cholesterol, and tissue phosphatases of the heart, liver, and kidney.

  • Raises glycogen and protein levels in the tissues of the heart, liver, and kidney to normal levels.