Curv Glucometer Kit (Type-C)

Curv Glucometer Kit (Type-C)

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Monitor & Control Diabetes - BeatO Curv Glucometer is more than a mobile blood sugar testing machine. It is designed to help you monitor, manage & control your sugar levels with ease under the guidance of doctors & experts. BeatO Curv works seamlessly with the BeatO App which provides advanced features for comprehensive diabetes management. This includes adding notes, personalized insights, graph based trends & ability to share readings

New Patented Technology & USB Connected- BeatO Curv Smartphone glucometer connects to your USB port to give you accurate instant results on the app & connect you to diabetes experts for help immediately. Its the most advanced technology and superior to traditional and bluetooth glucometers.

Automatically Save Readings- No more writing down your sugar levels! BeatO Curv auto saves all your sugar readings on the BeatO App and cloud. You can always have a record handy on your smartphone. BeatO Curv Glucometer, your all-in-one sugar test machine is super easy to use. It’s coin-sized and can be carried anywhere, helping you monitor easily at any time.

Share Readings With Your Doctor -Easily share your blood glucose reading record from the BeatO App with your doctor or loved ones and keep them informed. The doctors can analyse your readings and suggest the right diabetes medicine for you.

Accurate & ISO Certified- Made In India, ISO CERTIFIED (13485:2016) Issued On 23 January 2021. BeatO Curv sugar readings have also been clinically tested against lab results.